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Summer 2017 - the PCC is persuing quotes and designs for a light at the junction of the paths up to the church.
This will be in memory of Tony Parker, given by the family.
  The refurbishment of the church clock face          (Project now completed)

The blue clock face is suddenly looking very shabby. Two quotations are being sought .   Some history of the church clock is shown below..........................

Church Clock  - history notes


It is thought that the clock is ‘second hand’ having started out life as the church clock of St Mary’s Melton Mowbray.  It was made around 1750 and came to Great Dalby in 1802.  It was out of action for 20 years, from 1966.


In 1986/7, over a period of 16 months,  it was lovingly restored by a villager,  Mr Brian Mills and his work colleague Mr Mark Green, who both worked at Charles Keene college in Leicester.  Brian was a lecturer in Pattern Making and Mark was a engineer.  No charge was made for this project.


They took a small sample of the old paint on the clock face,  to The Leicester Paint and Lead Company, who identified it as ‘Trafalgar Blue’.   At some point in the clock’s history,  minute hands were added.  Previously only an hour hand was thought necessary – no train time tables or Ebay countdowns to adhere to.


Wrought iron of Triple Best quality was used in the workings of the clock.  This is denoted by 3 dots on the iron.  2 large weights, which hung down in to the bell tower were removed by Brian & Mark, being replaced by 2 newly cast smaller and lighter weights.  Originally the clock needed rewinding every 36 hours.  Latterly this had been done by the Bell Captain, Charlie Cooper.  His wages were half a pint of beer in the Royal Oak after each winding session..


Before starting the refurbishment the clock was taken to an expert in Uffington for advice.  The winding mechanism was electrified.  There were some teething problems over the first few months and Messrs Smiths of Derby were consulted, and further adjustments were made.  However the clock has been working nicely ever since.  It is looked after by John Simms, with Roger Sharpe deputising.


To paint the clock face, back in the 1980’s Brian tied a rope to the bell frame, which came out of the tower via the louvres.  He then tied a rope round himself and with a bit of support from young Phil Tyler managed to get the blue and gold paint onto the clock face.


Notes from the old Minute Books


1945 – The church clock had been repaired by Mr Pickle of Owston and it was proposed that a letter of thanks be sent to him.  As Mr Pickle would not make a charge for his work it was proposed to send him a guinea in appreciation of his kindness.




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