Little Projects

Little Projects needing your help
To have stood for nearly 900 years, our church has had lots of help from lots of people within the parish.  I am not talking about money this time!
Here is a list of the ongoing voluntary work done at the church.  You may be surprised.
Flower Rota
Cleaning Rota
Window repairs
Churchwardens' duties
PCC Treasurer's duties
PCC Secretary's duties
All other PCC members' attendance at meetings
Slate and lead repairs
Gravestone repairs 3 completed per year my Mick Morris - very much appreciated
Help at events
All these matters are dealt with by volunteers, however we always have 'running repairs' to attend to.  Listed below are some of them.  You may think "I could do that little job".  If so then please get in touch by email.  Telephoning would also work!
Repairs to Processional Cross (mainly glueing thin brass to wood) (done thanks Bill)
Weeding of the various paths to church (now done by Contractor via Parish Funding)
Floor Joist/floor board repairs (Done with other Quinquennial repairs)
Fixing a hand rope made from old bell ropes to the entire stairway up the tower
Repairs to iron bracket at bottom of main door (project 2008 Histororic Buildings Contractor - Minor Works Faculty - Done)
Easing of bottom of Chancel door to make opening easier
If you would like to lend a hand with any of these tasks, please get in touch
Easing of some pew doors