Village matters

This is a page for Village news/events etc.  Please contact Annie if you wish to include any items.
Great Dalby Gardening Group GDGG
The  Great Dalby Gardening Group has recently been formed,  we enjoyed a full programme  from 2012.  We recently took a coach-load of worthy folk to Anglesey Abbey and had a most enjoyable day. 01664 454833 for Details.
Great Dalby Village Hall
If you would like to book GREAT DALBY VILLAGE HALL for any event, such as a Wedding Reception, a party, a club meeting place,  then please telephone Beth on 07817 242196.
The Great Dalby Village Hall also already hosts a Pre-School -  Contact Sam Costello on

07496 453602

Whist Drives, Dance Club, Table Tennis Club and Gardening Club.